World of tanks vs war thunder reddit

World of tanks vs war thunder reddit

And sometimes my darling editor asks me if i want to spend a full weekend playing World of Tanks while watching the end of AGDQ2016. I would be interest, if not for the female armour sets.

world of tanks vs war thunder reddit Discussion in ‘Collaboration’ started by Bladum, Mar 28, 2017.

Will anything interesting be added?

In reality, nothing has changed except the environments getting bigger and more interact- able.

Having opponents that know what their doing and kill the rest of the team but lack the essential skills needed to destroy you Giving you a match which allows the other team to easily destroy your team leaving you to do all the carryingSkills Theses skills are especially useful on one on one duels and conserving your HP allowing you to survive the battle longer and hopefully carry the team.

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